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5/16/2024 - is now using the latest OpenAI GPT 4o model

4/27/2024 - AI Story Builders Now Supports Azure OpenAI

Good news, all versions of AI Story Builders (including ) now support Azure Open AI as well as continuing to support OpenAI . You can sign up for access to the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service here: To use Azure OpenAI settings, the following are required: Follow these directions to deploy a GPT 4 model:

4/25/2024 - Announcing A Step-by-Step Guide

Watch the Getting Started video at this link:   Do you have a story bubbling inside of you, waiting to be told? With AI Story Builders Online , transforming your ideas into compelling narratives has never been easier. This guide will walk you through the process, from creating an API key to utilizing advanced features like managing timelines and flashbacks in your story.   Step 1: Start with Your API Key The applicatio

2/19/2024 - Upgrading AIStoryBuilders

When AIStoryBuilders has a new version you will see * Update Available * Click on that link and your web browser will open and you will be taken to the AIStoryBuilders Microsoft Store web page. Click the Download button. The installer will open and will detect that an update is available. Click the Update button. The update will download. Click Open to open the updated version.

2/11/2024 - OpenAI Content Moderation and Your Objectionable Content

AIStoryBuilders has a warning that will indicate when OpenAI feels any prompts submitted to it has content that could violate their policies. However, in testing it always generates content anyway. It is really interesting because I started working on a story about a Ku Klux Klan guy who later changes his ways. It keeps getting flagged (but still the content gets generated). I don’t want to have any web search engines find any objectionable content in this blog post so I will ju

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