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2/19/2024 - Upgrading AIStoryBuilders

When AIStoryBuilders has a new version you will see * Update Available * Click on that link and your web browser will open and you will be taken to the AIStoryBuilders Microsoft Store web page. Click the Download button. The installer will open and will detect that an update is available. Click the Update button. The update will download. Click Open to open the updated version.

2/11/2024 - OpenAI Content Moderation and Your Objectionable Content

AIStoryBuilders has a warning that will indicate when OpenAI feels any prompts submitted to it has content that could violate their policies. However, in testing it always generates content anyway. It is really interesting because I started working on a story about a Ku Klux Klan guy who later changes his ways. It keeps getting flagged (but still the content gets generated). I don’t want to have any web search engines find any objectionable content in this blog post so I will ju

1/28/2024 - Why Did I Create AIStoryBuilders?

I recently wrote a book ( Azure OpenAI Using C#: Exploring Microsoft Azure OpenAI and embeddings and vectors to implement Artificial Intelligence applications using C# ) and I was really excited about the potential uses of AI Large Language Models . I wanted to use ChatGPT to help me write my novel but realized that it does not handle long form content very well. You have to keep reminding it who your characters are and what they did. I realized you need a program that will kee

1/27/2024 - Launching 1/29/2024 on

We decided that AIStoryBuilders is finally stable and mature and is ready to launch into the world Starting 1/29/2024 you can participate in the launch using the links below:

1/26/2024 - The Proper Care and Feeding of LLMs

I just did an interview on LLMs and writing. I talk a lot about what went into the design of AIStoryBuilders . The article is here:

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