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Enhanced Content Generation - Have you ever wanted the ability to input your Characters, Locations, and background information into a database and have the AI use that when generating content? Well, now you can!

AI Writing and Inspiration - To combat writer's block or creative challenges, this software program can automatically continue your story or rewrite existing parts according to your instructions. This provides ideas, or inspirational content to spark creativity and overcome writer's hurdles.

Inexpensive - This free program is the most cost-effective way to use AI to write your next novel. You pay only wholesale rates to use the OpenAI API. Costs typically range between $1 and $5 a month.

Story Management - The software uses a proprietary database that organizes your story into Timelines, Locations, and Characters. In addition, each paragraph Section, in each Chapter is associated with a Timeline, Location, and one or more Characters. This allows the AI to stay on track with the story and properly handle things like flashbacks that can confuse AI story building software that does not use this format.

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